The main purpose of a Landing Website is that you find good results in the Google rating! After 'landing' on this website, one is forwarded to the main site. By optimizing the search engine optimized URL's and, of course the content of this site the site will score optimal in the Google ranking.  This way you can significantly improve the search results in Google for the main site without having to adjust the main sites structure.

As a result a Landing Website is highly effective to improve search results in Google for your existing website at affordable cost!

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€ 375*

Logopedie by Webdesign Holland

info This action is only valid for places listed in the Action Target Region menu of the netherlands and are named by province.

To make use of this action, the action form must be completed in full. The Wordpress website is installed as shown example. Images and text must be customized by client.

Web hosting and domain registration is included. Hosting prices are only included for one year.


Knowing more? Click on info for detailed information about this Wordpress action.

€ 110*

Webdesign Service - Wordpress Actie

 Le Tigre Webdesign






Prizes domainregistration (including transfer service):

  • 10 euro per year (redirect/forwarding service is free) for .nl
  • 15 euro per year (redirect/forwarding service is free) for .com

Call: +316 14198039

Action Form Wordpress

Prizes mailservice  (inclusive webmail - exclusive website):

  • 20 Euro per year (redirect/forwarding service is free) for .nl
  • 30 Euro per year (redirect/forwarding service is free) for .com
  • Unlimited e-mail accounts.
  • Webmail free with cPanel (= management by internet).

Prizes 50 euro per year:

  • 25 SSD GB workspace (inclusive backup-/recoveryservice**)
  • Unlimited data.
  • Unlimited MySQL databases.
  • Unlimited e-mail accounts (inclusive webmail).
  • Unlimited subdomains with management by c-panel.

€ 50*

Prizes 100 euro per year - suitable for simpel webshops:

  • 50 SSD GB workspace (inclusive backup- and recovery service**)
  • ssl-certificate (further like basic)
  • Extensive webshops by cloud Server - SSD VPS Hosting (prizes on demand).

€ 100*

If you host your site with us and are managed by us, this service is free:

  • Every day a backup is made with the oldest being overwritten.
  • Up to 5 backups are stored with a free recovery of max. 5 per year).
  • Backups are stored on a remote server (= server other than host).

€ free

Transfer service excisting website to server of Le Tigre Webdesign Holland:

  • Transferservice of existing domains are free.
  • Transferservice of existing Wordpress website is free.

€ free

Our help desk function consists of:

  • 7 days a week by phone and/or by mail from 9 am to 8 pm. (response time is 24 hours).
  • If the site is created and hosted by Webdesign Holland the helpdesk function is free
  • The rate for extensive support and/or adjustments for the site are 65 euros per hour.

€ free

Wordpress websites are always delivered with the latest updates:

  • Since Wordpress sites need to be updated regularly (including themes and plugins), we offer a Wordpress update service. As the updates differ in form and work, these are estimated on actual cost
  • This service is only possible for Wordpress sites created and/or installed by
  • Updates are always calculated on the basis of recalculation at our hourly rate of 65 euros.


How it works:

  • First we make a copy of the existing website which will be tranfered to one of our external servers. This way we can savely test the needed updates. To prevent SEO problems this copy will be excluded from search engines for indexing.

€ 65*p/h

All prices are excluding VAT. Invoicing of all the mentioned services takes place every year at the beginning of January. Invoices must be paid within 14 days after date!


If any of our services are purchased in the course of the year, the entire annual amount must be paid.

No refund will be made in case of early termination.

If after agreement, both orally and in writing by whathever circumstances, the services of the agreed on work will be cancelled, at least 50% of the agreed amount will be charged. Source files are and remain the property of Webdesign Holland at all times.


For all our webhost packages and services, cancellation must take place before 1 December of the current year, if not then the year contracts are automatically renewed per year!

*/ Prices are exclusive VAT, text, stock images and training of the CMS. **/ Every day a backup is made with the oldest being overwritten. The oldest backup will be overwritten by the newest. Up to 5 backups are stored  on a external server with a free recovery service of maximal 5 per year.

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Webdesign Service - Wordpress Actie
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